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Private Services

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is nothing to be embarrassed about. Essentially, it describes the inability to have, or subsequently maintain, an erection. If you feel like it is getting in the way of your daily life, or impacting your self-confidence – 3Q Pharmacy is here to help. We offer discreet advice, ...

Travel Clinic

We are your local innovative Travel Clinic in Wellingborough Are you about to head off on your gap year of travel? Are you getting ready for your spiritual journey to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah? Or are you jetting off for a few days on a business trip to ...

Norethisterone Period Delay

Looking for Period Delay Treatment in Wellingborough? Having your period whilst you travel is inconvenient. Period.  Having your period can really put a spanner in the works, especially if you’ve got a big event coming up, such as a festival or a holiday, but 3Q Pharmacy can help. ...

Earwax Removal

Expert Earwax Removal in Wellingborough Please note that this is a private service:  Consultations are £20 and following that prices start from £60 for both ears. If treatment is needed we will deduct the cost of the consultation from the overall price meaning you get your consultation for free! ...

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 in Wellingborough Are you seeking a reliable and efficient vitamin B12 injection service in Wellingborough? Look no further! With 3Q Pharmacy, you can now conveniently book your vitamin B12 injection online. Simply select a suitable time and fill out a short medical screening form. Once our prescribers ...


NHS Services

Flu Vaccine

Still need your flu vaccine in Wellingborough? Why wait to protect yourself? 3Q Pharmacy provides both an NHS and a private flu vaccine in Wellingborough to ensure you are protected against seasonal flu. Why do I need the flu jab? The flu vaccine offers you protection against the ...

Prescription Delivery Service

We deliver your NHS Prescription on Request Prescription delivery services are helpful if you’re somebody who regularly relies on prescription medication, are living with a long-term illness or disability, or you care for someone who does. Although NHS prescriptions are usually affordable (and sometimes even free), the process of ...
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